Our Philosophy:

The CTS philosophy is simple:  “We serve at the pleasure of our clients.”

That means we make the entire process simple by respecting the criteria our clients have set for the project, staying on budget and on schedule and providing effective project management and implementation. We diligently protect the integrity of our client’s brand throughout the design and fabrication process. In addition we protect the user experience by deploying robust, functional superior products. Across all of our products – kiosks and tablets – we have a 99.9999% warranty uptime. We underwrite all our own extended warranty coverage, because we are that sure of the quality of what we build.

Our relationship with our clients begins with the very first conversation, when we form an internal team that takes a collaborative approach to all aspect of the project. The relationship doesn’t end when the project ships – that is simply the beginning of the next phase. Our relationship with the project and our client is for the entire life cycle of their program, providing support as long as any of their units are live in the field. And for some of our clients, that’s a long, long time. Finally, we measure success in terms defined by our clients. At the beginning of each project we ask every client how THEY will measure the success of their program. We then build to those specifications in order to maximize our client’s opportunity for success.


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