PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:  CTS has designed, built and deployed projects since 2002 for some of the most demanding and exciting companies in the country. These projects range from a single unit to thousands, indoors and out, for use by children and adults. The accumulation of all the knowledge gained from engineering, building, installing and supporting all those projects has provided CTS and its professional team with market experience that is unparalled in the industry. A company – a team of professionals – built by experience.

CLIENT EXPERIENCE:  Our clients choose to work with the CTS team because they have high expectations for their projects, but often don’t have the internal bandwidth to allocate the resources necessary to manage and implement an interactive rollout. They know that by choosing CTS as a project partner, their experience will be positive, professional and successful throughout the life of their program.

USER EXPERIENCE:  CTS is dedicated to respecting the integrity of our client’s brand, and communicating that brand effectively. Our designs reflect not only the message of our client, but set expectations as to the entire experience, so end users experience a flawless transaction while learning more about our client and product. So many providers offer their own unique design for kiosks and digital signage – at CTS, we design specifically for the client to meet their needs and communicate their message. Because after all, clients create an interactive program to promote their brand, not ours.


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